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    Video caption: Kwasi Kwarteng: 'I don't want to reverse to a situation where we have lockdowns'

    Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng tells the BBC he thinks further lockdowns are not necessary.

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    Video caption: DNA: How genes could affect our mind and body

    Decode Genetics is researching how genetics shape our bodies, our minds and our personalities.

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    Video caption: Assisted dying: 'I'm more scared of pain than I am of death itself'

    Campaigners against the proposed assisted dying law change are worried about vulnerable patients.

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    Video caption: Severe pregnancy illness: 'I won't have another baby'

    Laura Anderson shares her experience of hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) during her pregnancy two years ago.

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    Video caption: NI Health: Children 'suffering' on hospital waiting lists, says mum

    Mandy O'Connor took her daughter to Turkey to have surgery, due to the length of hospital waiting lists.