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  1. Doug Gurr - Director, Natural History Museum, UK

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    Video caption: Stephen Sackur speaks to the director of London's Natural History Museum, Doug Gurr.

    Stephen Sackur speaks to the new director of London's world-renowned Natural History Museum, Doug Gurr.

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    Video caption: Identifying the UK's oldest meat-eating dinosaur

    Dr Stephan Spiekman explains what we know about the new species, which lived over 200 million years ago.

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    Video caption: Strange ankylosaur dinosaur bone excites scientists

    Scientists describe a familiar armoured dinosaur but there's something very unusual about it.

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    Video caption: Scientists describe 'bizarre' armoured dinosaur bone

    There's something very strange about a fossil ankylosaur bone found in Morocco, say researchers.

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    Video caption: Timelapse video shows how workers cut and jacked up the valuable driveway in Gloucestershi
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    Video caption: How to spot a Jurassic fossil sea creature

    Palaeontologist Dr Tim Ewin describes the fossils being excavated at an important new Jurassic dig.

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    Video caption: Couple make sensational lockdown fossil find

    Research during Covid lockdown led Neville and Sally Hollingworth to a remarkable Jurassic site.

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    Video caption: Dippy: Norwich Cathedral dinosaur installation captured in time-lapse

    It has taken a week to reassemble the 292 bones of Dippy the dinosaur at the last stop of a UK tour.

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    Video caption: Winchcombe space rock gets official classification

    The UK's most famous meteorite receives its "birth certificate" from the Meteoritical Society.

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    Video caption: Winchcombe meteorite goes on display in Natural History Museum

    Watch as the family from Winchcombe who found fragments of it in their driveway visit the exhibition.

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    Video caption: Winchcombe meteorite records Solar System's 'year zero'

    The meteorite that fell on the UK in February will tell us the recipe for making planets.