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  1. Households still without TV to get £50 vouchers

    People still struggling to get a TV signal after the Bilsdale mast fire are to be given vouchers so they can receive free-to-air channels.

    The fire in August disrupted radio and TV broadcasts for more than a million people.

    Last week a temporary mast was switched on, restoring services to about 95% of households in the North East and North Yorkshire.

    Operators Arqiva have said people living in areas where there is no or a poor TV signal will get a £50 Currys e-voucher to spend on a TV streaming device.

    It believes about 16,000 homes are in the so-called "not spots".

    The fire-hit mast was felled in a controlled explosion last week

    Shuja Khan, chief commercial officer at Arqiva, said: “Although the temporary mast at Bilsdale has restored TV services to the large majority of households in the region, we know there are still those either with no or partial signal.

    "We continue to work round the clock to fill the gaps in coverage with additional towers."

    Anyone who qualifies for a e-voucher but cannot - or does not want to - use the offer can call a freephone number: 0800 121 4828.

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    Video caption: ‘Reading takes you away from everything’

    A women’s centre in one of the largest estates in NI decided to form a book club during lockdown.

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    Video caption: Russian actor returns to Earth after shooting first movie in space

    Watch as Yulia Peresild is lifted from the capsule after filming on the International Space Station.