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    Video caption: Broome: Diving wrecks of a forgotten WW2 attack on Australia

    A deadly WW2 raid on Broome remains little known, even in Australia - but some hope to change that.

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    Video caption: Queensland Floods: Second death recorded as crisis continues

    The southern part of Queensland has seen widespread rain and flooding.

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    Video caption: Australia power plant demolition sees giant chimneys tumble to ground

    Huge amounts of metal and concrete will be recycled after the demolition of an old coal power plant.

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    Video caption: An Australian school is using food to help struggling students build dreams of a future.

    Devon didn't feel at home in mainstream education - but his new school is helping him build a future.

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    Video caption: Red crabs swarm across roads and bridges in Australia

    An annual migration of red crabs has covered roads and bridges on an Australian island.