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    Video caption: Venezuela's hospital 'hell'

    The healthcare system lacks equipment, buildings are crumbling and many healthcare workers have left in search of better lives.

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    Video caption: Barbados: Rihanna made national hero as island becomes republic

    The artist and businesswoman is honoured at an event marking the nation's status as a republic.

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    Video caption: Caribbean island Barbados becomes world's newest republic

    Barbados has removed Queen Elizabeth II as its head of state.

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    Video caption: Barbados prepares to cut ties with the Queen

    Watch Celestina Olulode as she travels to the island to find out what Barbadians make of the move.

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    Video caption: Venezuelan migrants seeking a new home in Chile

    Tens of thousands of Venezuelans escaping poverty and violence at home are risking their lives to travel south to Chile.

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    Video caption: Pre-Inca mummy found in Peru

    Archeologists think the mummy, found near Lima, could be up to 1,200 years old.